Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Does anyome tiedye anymore? Cause we do!

What do you do on a Friday night when there seems like there is nothing to do? Well, you can always tiedye shirts. There is nothing like it to make what would be a boring evening an absolute blast! Oh, and you don't need to do it only when young neices or nephews are in town. Kim and I found it thoroughly entertaining even in our old ages.

So, I went with the folding technique, a personal favorite, while Kim chose her own twisty, turny what-ever-floats-my-boat-today pattern.
I'm not sure why we made these poses, but we did. She is just angry she got some dye on that awesome shirt I bought her on our honeymoon.
I was just happy to be doing something fun. We really had been bummin' earlier that day.
Voala! There you have it--ridiculously cool shirts to wear on our roadtrip to North Cacalack!