Saturday, August 17, 2013

Let's Review

Tonight during family scripture study:

Marty: Dorothy, what were the names of Nephi's older brothers?

Dot: Laman and.....Lemon oil?

Close enough, my dear:)

Friday, August 9, 2013


Goose is a total Ham. I want to be as funny as her when I grow up:)

Dot's First Talk

Our sweet little Polka gave her first official Primary talk last Sunday. With Marty's recent release, we were both free to watch her and support her on her special day. (As a side note, Marty was called in as the Young Men's President for our ward--in case you were wondering!). Dorothy literally spent hours preparing her talk. She and I spent time brainstorming and talking. Then she and Marty spent more time together on it as she drew a picture for each part. She insisted on not only drawing a picture, but also writing out each piece. I am so proud of her for wanting to go the extra mile. Here she is with the final product.

"Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers"
 "Before we eat"
"Before long trips"
(I love that this particular long trip is in a covered wagon)
"When we need comfort"
(she wanted to draw Christ coming to her when she is crying)
"To keep us safe and warm"
(this is when the power went out during last winter's blizzard. She remembered praying and then before we fell asleep the power came back on."
"When I pray I am talking to God."
"Morning Prayers"
"Understand scriptures"
(she ended by saying that our prayers can help us better understand the scriptures and find answers.)

What a neat experience to watch the testimony of such a sweet little spirit develop. I am feeling so blessed to be a mother and to have these experiences.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Art Folders

For the time being, our dining room has become the official art station. We have moved meals to the kitchen nook, and the girls have free reign to draw, paint, cut and glue, and create to their heart's content. While I love this arrangement for many reasons, I do NOT love when the floor becomes so littered with discarded pictures that we are all slipping and sliding across it. So, on a recent trip to Target, I let the girls each pick an art folder to hold their favorite pieces.

I love how their personalities come through in their choices. My serious little artist, Dorothy, chose the artsy looking white with paint splotches. My silly and care-free little artist, Lucy, chose the Yoga Dogs--and could not be persuaded otherwise! 

Now our dining room floor is a bit cleaner, safer, and I find a reason to smile every time I see their folders.