Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Summer Flashback

In August we were able to take a quick trip up to Maine to visit Marty's brother--the REAL farmer in the family (we like to think we are farming down here, but Uncle T shows us what it really means). There is such a Garden of Eden feel on their farm at the height of summer. Within 20 feet from our sweet cabin, I think we had at least 6 different kinds of fruit and an entire vegetable garden growing beautifully.

The children spent their time building forts in the woods, playing around the animals, trying to catch frogs in the pond, and other simple activities. They felt free, and it was fun to watch their creativity and enthusiasm.

Their property came with three cabins already built near the woods, and we stayed in the one closest to the main house. It was so peaceful in our little space that overlooked the majority of the farm. When I would lay down with Ezra for his nap, I was so enchanted with our space I would dream about living in a one room cabin with no electricity. I'm sure in the dead of winter that would get really old, but in August it seemed like a completely reasonable wish.

It is always nice to get back home and to routine, but I was a little sad to drive away from the farm this time. I'm so grateful for such a beautiful place to visit and to experience such a neat and necessary way of life.