Saturday, December 27, 2008


This was my first year as part of
the extended Vieira family gift exchange.
Auntie Ronnie, Marty's Godmother (Madrinha),
pulled my name this year.
She really wanted to get something that would
be helpful when the baby comes,
so she got me this very spacious little number--
perfect for a growing baby bump:)

I have to admit,
this nightgown is quite comfy.

every time I look at it
I can't help but think of the
Rita Delvecchio character from
Saturday Night Live.

"Mother Nature, yeah, sure. Hey, if you see her, send her over. I want to introduce her to the blunt end of my shovel."

I hope this outfit is still around
when I become a salty old woman like Rita.
It really adds to the effect.

We really had a wonderful first married Christmas together.
Marty and I filled stockings for each other,
and he got me a fantastic diaper bag for baby V.
My parents sent us some great gifts--
I am especially excited for our new Kitchen Aid paddle!
I managed to ruin the one from our wedding
the first time I used it.
Apparently, the silver ones don't go in the dishwasher.
Marty's parents also got us some very thoughtful gifts--
our favorite gift from them was the appointment
we can book at a novelty ultrasound place.
As soon as we are able to go,
we will know if we are having Kaio or Dorothy!
The little goober thwarted us once,
but this place guarantees you find out the sex
no matter how many appointments it takes.

We hope everyone had a great Christmas,
and we're looking forward to starting an
exciting new year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rewards Program

Over the last few months,
I have been doing all of our grocery shopping
on a strict budget:
$50/week maximum for weekly grocery and
food storage items.
And I love it!
Not only are we saving money from smarter decisions
and fewer trips to the grocery store,
but we are also being blessed by having
pantry shelves that are overflowing.
Every single week I am amazed at just how much
I am able to buy for our little family.
We are definitely feeling the
rewards of smart budgeting and living within our means.

Last night,
we decided to tack on our own rewards program
to this smart shopping endeavor.
I never actually hit the $50 we have set--
some weeks there is only $1 left over,
some leave us closer to $10.
So, we have decided to start
collecting all this "change."

Here is our lovely bank o' change.
When we start getting a good chunk
in our trusty change bank,
we will use it to go out to dinner
or perhaps a movie.
Maybe both if we are feeling crazy.
Every time we get to go on one of our
change dates,
it will remind us how budgeting actually
opens up opportunities
while keeping us safely within our means.

to let you see it before the holiday has passed,
here is our perfect little Christmas tree!

It was love at first sight,
this cute 3 and 1/2 foot tree
with all sorts of goofy branches sticking out.

Enjoy the holidays, everyone!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Playing mom and dad

First of all,
let me say that suddenly having 4 children
is a shock to the system.
In a good way.
Most of the time.
I mean, look at these faces...

One thing Marty and I quickly realized
was life is easier with 4 kids
when you have activities planned and ready to go.
So, when the "big kids" got home from school,
we all worked together
to make peanut butter cookies
(a little treat for our Friday night movie).

Thankfully, Eva also left us a gingerbread house
to do as a group.
The kids were awesome:
making plans,
working together,
including everyone
(except for poor Lily who
had to stay strapped in her seat--
we threw her an occasional piece of candy:)

Marty also spent some time
helping Isaiah learn to play
"Jingle Bell Rock" on the piano.

We loved spending the weekend with the kids;
we did NOT like how little sleep you get
(I guess we need to start getting used to it).
We also quickly learned
that church meetings are QUITE different
with 4 wiggly-ones in the pew with you.
But the joys
always won out.

The weekend made us
even more excited to be parents so soon
(potty problems,
runny noses,
sibling squabbles,
and stinky diapers included).

Thanks, Challen Family.
We love you!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

a trip to PA

These are just a few of the fabulous people
I got to give Thanks with last weekend.

you know what's even better?
I get to spend all of this weekend with them too!

Thanks for sharing your family
and your home, Skeeves.
We love you!