Tuesday, August 24, 2010


To internet. We did it. It cost too much (in our humble opinion), and it's pretty ridiculous that you still have to pay for cable even when you do not own a tv. So we dropped it. Hence the total lack of blogging lately.

Yes, I miss being able to jump on the net for a random recipe or the answer to a random question. No, I do not miss how much time the internet managed to suck up. I have found myself a much more productive wife and mother with all the time I have regained. Sadly, I am also realizing just how much time I have often wasted on here.

Lately I have found time to start and nearly complete a reverence book for Dorothy that my mom sent me a year ago. I have made several batches of tomato sauce and put them up for the winter months. I have found time to read again--how did I let that start to slip? I have been better about keeping our house clean, spending time with my husband, and getting outdoors. This is not to say none of these things were happening before, but with the extra (approximatley) hour I have gained each day I am feeling a sort of leisure to do the things I love and should have been doing more of all along.

Luckily we do have the library within a 10 minute walk, and my in-laws live across the street with internet we can use. So now we get to check up on things about 2 times per week. Perfect. For now, that is all I need.

1. time
2. our first ripe pumpkins
3. a baby that sleeps through the night--I never knew it could be possible

Friday, August 6, 2010

3 months!

It's true.
The Goose has been here 3 months already!
This baby girl is surely the peacemaker in our home.
She is so patient, sweet, and loving.
We love you, Lucy!

1. baby girls
2. spontaneous trips to Newport
3. less humidity