Sunday, December 20, 2009

What A Weekend

We have been a busy couple bees
the last few days.

Dorothy got all dressed up for her first wedding.
I daresay she was second most beautiful
to the bride.
We had a mini- Christmas opening
wonderful gifts from Auntie Mary.
Thank you so much, Mare!
And today we are
enjoying a day at home
courtesy of the blizzard of 2009.
They officially canceled church last night
and we have been staying snuggled inside
with a pan of cinnamon buns, movies, and music
all morning.
We ventured out with Dot for a few minutes,
but the snow hasn't let up yet.
We've gotten about 2 feet and
should be getting a few more inches before it is all over.

Who knows,
maybe Marty will get a snow day tomorrow, too!

1. a warm home
2. thoughtful friends
3. time for a warm bath

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Here!!

Yesterday afternoon,
our house showed up in 4 pieces.
It was an incredible feeling
to peek in the windows
and see all the things we had only seen on paper.
The crane showed up this morning
and parked next to the foundation.
After eating lunch with some wonderful ladies
I took a walk out to see the progress.
This is what I found!
We have a house, ladies and gentlemen!!!

We should get to do a walk through
this afternoon to make sure everything looks right!

1. cooperating weather
2. technology
3. home sweet home

Saturday, December 12, 2009

No day can be a Bad day...

When you wake up to This:
1. bed head
2. Linda's chocolate chip cookies
3. Not having to cook dinner

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fancy Pants Saturday

eating these little bites of loveliness...
with these beautiful ladies...
and washing it all down with a cup of this.
Mary, my best friend from college, was celebrating her
25th birthday last weekend,
and I got a lucky invite to the classy event.
She booked us for tea and cupcakes at the Ritz in Boston!
We all had a great time.

We each got to pick our own pot of tea
(I chose a lovely herbal blend)
and got our own plate of the 5 cupcakes above.
We then spent 2 lovely hours
sipping, nibbling, and chatting.
I did not leave a crumb on my plate or a drop in my pot.

One of my favorite parts of the whole experience
was the live piano player they had in the lobby
playing beautiful Christmas music the whole time.
There were also lots of little girls on cupcake dates
with their moms--so adorable!
It made me excited for when Dorothy is older
and we can do some fun things together.

Thanks for the wonderful day, Mary!

1. a break from the norm
2. our first snowfall
3. morning walks--in lots of layers