Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dorothy is 7

Dorothy's birthday was full of surprises. A lovely virus came to visit our house in the days before her birthday. And on the eve of her special day our poor Polka Dot started running a fever as well. This was the first year we had actually tried to throw her a little party with friends--and it was to be a surprise party to boot! I ended up telling her about the party to stop her tears on her birthday eve and told her we would reschedule. She was going to get TWO special days instead of just one. 

Sick or not, we were going to celebrate! We kept the fever meds going and made plans for a fun, but very cozy and laid back day. First up, this ridiculous cereal. Seriously, it must have been created by a 4 year old. I felt all my childhood dreams coming true with every bite. The kids saw it at the grocery store a few months ago and were always begging to try it. I figured a birthday was a good reason to eat chocolate and marshmallows for breakfast!
I let the movie watching begin right after breakfast. Dot picked A Series of Unfortunate Events. They watched, I cleaned and kept Annie out of the way until her nap time. 
 Nap time gave us just enough time to finish reading the Nancy Drew we were in. If you know this girl, you know that reading Nancy Drew for an hour straight is like a dream come true. She is easy to please. 

The afternoon was another movie, this time Harry Potter 2. By the time that finished, Marty was home from work and we jumped into true birthday mode. We measured Dot on the birthday wall and then it was time for presents. 
I loved her wish list this year: a telescope for bird watching and nature walks, a book of Sudoku for kids, and an orchid. Done. She is like a 60 year old lady in a 7 year old body. And I love it!!! We opted for a fake orchid for the time being, but she was thrilled with everything. 

We saved her official birthday treat pick of frosted brownies and ice cream for her postponed party and just had small bowls of ice cream that night.
I regretted feeding icecream to sick kids when Ezra's poor tummy couldn't keep it down, but we wanted to celebrate a little!  He at least made it into the bathroom, even if not in the toilet. It was a slight sicky birthday miracle. 

That night as I tucked her little feverish body into bed Dorothy smiled and said, "Mom, this was still a really great day!" I was so proud of her for overcoming her disappointment and finding the good.

As promised, her partay followed a week later. There were lots of giggles, singing, dancing, pizza and brownie eating, and some fun Easter crafts with grandma. It was good to have everyone healthy again, and even better to celebrate seven years of this incredible girl. Happy birthday, Dorothy! We love you!!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Ezra turns 4

The girls were such a big help making another special birthday--this time for Ezra. They made signs and gifts and even played "pirates" much longer than usual. We love our now 4 year old boy!!
Dorothy being a good sport and letting Ezra win every pirate attack.
Cinnamon rolls and bacon. Breakfast of 4 year old champions.
At breakfast, Ezra informed me that he does not like cake and only wanted a bowl of ice cream that night. I was happy to cut a few hours of kitchen work out of my day. He was happy to eat plain vanilla ice cream. Win-win.
Tuckered out and snuggled up. I'm glad that he's not too old to love on his baby sister at the age of 4. I will never get tired of these snuggle pictures!

Oh, we sure love this boy of ours. I'm grateful every day to be his mama.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Daddy's birthday!

The kids were all SO excited to create an extra special day for Marty this year, especially because his birthday was on s Saturday and we knew he'd be home all day. They made cards, coupon books, and decorations WEEKS in advance. Their grandma Vieira also help them make handmade gifts. I think they achieved their goal of "extra special." 

Ready for breakfast and gifts!
One of many signs created.
A bookmark--made by Lucy, and a keychain--made by Dorothy.
Ezra painted a picture of a monster.
It was a rainy, yucky day, so we decided a Star Wars marathon was the way to go. 

The day was relaxing, pretty peaceful, and full of love for our sweet papa man. I love these memories, and I love this sweet family of mine.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Feeling It

For the past few months, the idea of blogging has seemed more like a chore than a joy. So I took a little break. But now I find myself missing the opportunity to record and share some sweet memories.

Our winter has been slow in coming this year. We had one good storm, but the majority of it melted off pretty quickly. Back toward the beginning of January we had our first few flakes fall. It didn't amount to anything, but the kids all wanted to celebrate and get geared up.

I never used to enjoy the winter, but I find myself loving the slow pace and quiet indoor activities more each year. 
Dorothy reading a Frog and Toad story to everyone.
Puzzles together.
New artwork for the gallery.
Looking through good books.
Just playing naked. No big deal.
Audiobooks and artwork. Dorothy is drawing her own secret garden while listening to the beautiful book. 
And homemade play dough. Hours and even days of entertainment.
Annie is not too sure about this squishy stuff.
This big kids like to say they work in a cookie factory. 
Dorothy's snake. 

More snow may be heading our way this next week. We're heading to the grocery store today and then getting ready to hunker down a while. We'll be happy to do so.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Halloween was busy with our annual church fall festival Friday night and trick-or-treating Saturday night. I'm not a huge Halloween fan, but I do love seeing the kids all dressed up in a costume of their choice. 

Pumpkin carving--something I have only braved one other time with all these little people around.
Annie didn't really have a costume this year, but she loved playing with this old witch hat.
Ezra the Pirate.
Lucy the vampire bat.
Dorothy the vampire.
The farmer and his pregnant wife. I am NOT pregnant, but I got a kick out of how many people thought I really was!
Going around the neighborhood.
Part of the loot.

Happy Halloween!

It's been a while.

After Annie's birthday and Marty's return from Japan, we launched into our first official year of homeschooling. Combine that with Annie learning to walk and climb  everything in sight, and, well, there just hasn't been a whole lot of free time around here!!

But there have been many sweet and wonderful moments in the last few months.

Final Beach days with friends.
Lots of bike riding. And silliness.
Oh, those beautiful late summer days.
Sleeping in. Rare indeed.
Lots of new art projects!! Learning the color wheel and how to mix paints.
The big ones.
Apple pie.
Visiting with Miss Kitty at a local farm.
The girls are always making beautiful bouquets.
Seeing history in person!
Annual Walden Pond trip.
My baby is growing up!
Papa and his girls hiking Walden.
Superhero recess.
Who knows what recess.
Hiking new trails.
200 year old stone bridge on an ancient Native American path.
Leaf piles!
All my babes.

I wish some of these moments could last forever.