Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Baby Story

Well, we have had a quiet few months on the blogging homefront, but let that fact not lead you to think that our lives have been quiet. No siree. Back in July, while in North Carolina, we found out that we are pregnant! A few days later, I found out just how awful morning sickness can be. However, we have learned a few ways to help with the nausea: laying on the couch without moving and watching episodes of What Not To Wear and Jon and Kate Plus Eight has helped.
Yesterday was our first really scary day with the pregnancy. I started feeling sick Thursday night and threw up once before bed. The minute I got out of bed the next morning, I started throwing up more and more. Tons more liquid than was going in was coming out. After about 7 or 8 rounds of sickness we got into the doctor's office, and they sent us straight to the hospital.
Four bags of saline and a mandatory clear liquids diet later, I am feeling back to my usual pseudo-nauseous but not throwing up self. The best part of being at the hospital was that my Doctor was able to get us our first ultrasound done a few days early. Finally, we get to see the little jelly bean making me feel so sick! It was amazing to see the little heartbeat and the little legs squirming around. The pregnancy has suddenly become more of a reality and less of just a daily discomfort. Pregnancy really is a miracle. Somehow, my body knows how to do everything it should.