Sunday, January 30, 2011


This month can sometimes seem so hard, but I feel like we are getting through the winter slump with smiles. It has been fun to have Marty home a few extra days from our snowdays that keep building up.
Dot has been getting in touch with artistic side with her chalk easel that she got for Christmas. I love when she reports that she is off to draw with her chalk and happily plays for a half an hour by herself.
There has been lots of dress up with assorted hats, mittens, coats, and other warm winter goodies. These are some of our favorites--grandma-made goodness.

We have discovered the wisdom of the empty box. Oh, how we love cheap thrills!

There have been some nice winter walks to get some fresh air back into our bodies.

Those always make everyone smile.

Lucy has discovered that she can pull off a hat. I agree.

Dorothy has really gotten into pretending and packs up bags for "adventures" almost every day.

A little birthday cake always makes a few days sweeter. Especially when cream cheese frosting is involved.

And somehow Dorothy makes mustard pumps work with an earflap hat. That girl is incredible, I tell you.

Thanks for the good times, January. See you next year!


Have I mentioned my first born's obsession with snowmen?

Our friends gave us a Little People manger scene for her to use for the Christmas season. Can you spot her addition to the typical cast of characters? Oh, yes. Frosty is there to adore baby Jesus.
We didn't get out into one of our snowfalls until it had become hard chunks of ice. Here was Marty's attempt to create a much demanded snowman out of the nearly impossible. We especially love the nose wedged in the neck space.

Everytime the playdough comes out, snowmen are the only thing we are allowed to make. But hey, whatever makes a baby girl happy.

And we finally made a more traditional snowman, except Dot realized she hates being in the snow in the process. What is a mama to do? I'll just convince myself those are tears of joy.

At least we have been able to move on from the constant playing of "Frosty the snowman" on the ipod. Her new favorite it "The Lonely Goatherd" from sound of music. Yodel-lay-he-hoo!


Ah, the happy land of cloth diapers. I never thought I would visit such a place. In fact, the first week I met my friend Jessica I told her that disposable diapers were just part of the carbon foot print I would leave on the earth. Little did I know that after hanging out with her for a few months she would silently convince me that cloth diapers were doable. And you know what? I am happy to say that after 2 months in cloth, we are still alive! My washer and dryer are not gross and poopy. And I have survived swishing poopy diapers around in the toilet. Who knew?

Goose and Dot sport these sassy all-in-one diapers from the Rita's Rump Pocket pattern all day. I still do disposables at night, but these beauties are great. I really do dig on the cloth now--even if it means a few more loads of laundry.
Am I happy to not be adding my diapers to all the others at the landfill? Yes. But I more immediately enjoy that we have TONS less trash to take to the dump (we're down to about 1 bag per week, sometimes less!), after the initial investment we are saving quite a bit of money (especially with 2 still in diapers), and these diapers are just plain cute! Look at those cushy buns!

And you must admit, this little girl looks happy to have her buns swaddled in fleece:)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday!

To my Martin.
Here's to another year of this incredible life together!
I love you!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

And so it begins....

2011. What will you bring, my friend?

I love the start of a new year. I love the quiet of January after the joyful roar of the holidays. I love the new list of goals on which to reflect and refocus.

However, I also love the chance to look back and see just how much we actually do accomplish in a year. So, here it is:

2010 in Review

January: We celebrated a late Christmas/combined birthday for all of Marty's brothers.We loved being able to see everyone together and watch the kids play.

February: Interior work on our house seemed never ending. I took a trip to North Carolina with Dorothy to get away from the chaos. She had her first trip to the ER with a fever of 105 while we were away. She also started to walk.

March: Dorothy and I returned to Massachusetts to find my sweet husband had managed to get our occupancy permit. We came home from the airport, picked up our bed, and spent our first night in our new home. Dorothy turned one while we got settled into our little patch of Heaven.

April: Marty and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. I also turned another year older and wiser. We spent April vacation painting our hearts out and nesting in preparation for our second born.

May: Lucy arrived right on schedule. Grandma Heaps came to help us adjust to life as 4, and the rest of the month was spent getting to know our sweet new baby girl.

June: Grandpa Heaps made a trip to see us and meet Lucy. He constructed a beautiful deck for the back of our house almost over night. I hosted a baby shower for my friend having her first girl. We celebrated the close of another school year for Marty and got our hands dirty out in the garden.

July: We soaked up the summer sun down in North Carolina with trips to the farmer's market, swimming in the pool, eating lots of Pelican's shaved ice, and wonderful time with family.

August: We sweat through the month putting up tomatoes, grape juice, peaches, and more. A few trips for icecream sundaes made the days seem cool and sweet:)

September: Marty began a new school year at the high school. The girls and I got back into the groove of school year life by going to story time at the library, making playdates with friends, and continuing to put up the harvest. Our apple picking trip was a great way to ring in the fall.

October: We made a quick trip to Pennsylvania to can up applesauce and see family. We celebrated 10 years of the Boston Temple by doing service, letting our girls walk around the grounds, and speaking to the youth. We visited the beautiful Walden Pond and loved the crisp fall air. Our first pumpkin pie got our tastebuds excited for more of the fall.

November: Marty became scout master of our ward, and we started trying to get to know the program. We made a trip to the cannery and visited with old friends from my hometown. Our first Thanksgiving in our new home left our hearts overflowing with gratitude, and we began preparations for the Christmas season.

December: We listened to the song "Frosty the Snowman" more times than I care to remember. We had fun picking out and making presents for friends and cousins. We bravely switched the girls into mostly cloth diapers, and took part in a few musical numbers to celebrate the season. Christmas was magical, and we ended the year with a wonderful visit from my mom, dad, and little brother.

And here we are again in January! Here is to another year of excitement, joy, trials, and blessings. Here is to another year to grow and learn. Happy New Year!