Saturday, April 12, 2014

Drop everything kind of day.

We woke up this morning with a check list. We had farm and rabbit fences to rip out, laundry to hang up, the hardware store to visit, an oil change to fit in, and the potential of a hike to preview for a future Young Women's activity. 

But then we went outside. It was gorgeous. So gorgeous that we moved our oatmeal, toast, and eggs to the front porch to start soaking up the sun as soon as possible. As we ate we decided we should at least start working on fencing and see where it lead us. 

By lunchtime we had finished the front garden and the day had only gotten more beautiful. We threw the rest of the plans out the window, got everyone in the van, and headed to the beach and Audobon. 

I suppose we still accomplished a hike, just not the one that still needs to be done:) Back home, we pulled the bikes out of the basement for the first ride this spring. And the day just didn't seem like it would be complete without our first fire of the spring to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. 

The kids were so tired going to bed tonight that one was snoring before we could even finish saying family prayer. That is the sign of a happy day.

Oh, how we love the spring!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We had a slow start, but spring is finally here! I love seeing the signs of spring surround us as the days continue to warm.

Inside we can finally feel the springtime with the last butternut squashes being roasted up. The basement had emptied out of our winter stores, just in time to start thinking about new foods to fill the shelves.
Outside we are finally seeing new growth with the daffodils and rhubarb pushing through the dirt.
And the animals finally get more space to roam as the pastures open up and the grass fills in.
I love these weeks and months when fresh things are happening, but the garden is not yet overwhelming us. The children crave the sunshine and spend as much time outside as possible--and the house stays the cleaner for it. Oh, spring, we love you.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

That time.

I love that time of night when Marty and I get to lay down in the dark and discuss the day or just life in general. There never seems to be much time for it anywhere else except in those few minutes before sleep.

Tonight was an exceptionally sweet night of discussion and reflection--no doubt fueled by minds full of powerful General Conference talks. As we spoke, we found ourselves overwhelmed by how incredible each of our children are to us and what a gift it is to watch them learn and grow.

As I feel another life stirring inside me, I cannot believe how blessed I am or how rich I feel. How grateful I am for the opportunity to be a mother.