Saturday, February 22, 2014

Such a tease.

It's one of those sunny, 50 degree February days that almost makes you believe winter is over. And for today, I'll fall for the trick. 

We started the day wrangling animals and mucking barn stalls to birds chirping and sunshine on our backs. Then we headed off to a winter farmer's market I discovered about 30 minutes away. I was in heaven, floating from vendor to vendor, trying wonderful samples and filling our bags with goodness. For February in New England there was an incredibly diverse spread of products available. 

When we got home, we couldn't help but have a picnic. Our new jar of salsa from the market was pulled out, along with some other nibbles from the fridge. The big people sat in peace while the little people tromped through puddles, tried to cut apart pinecones, and drew pictures of what they saw around them.

Oh, winter. Please don't over stay your welcome. I'm catching spring fever.

Monday, February 17, 2014


With all this snow, we've been doing a few more indoor projects. Dorothy and Lucy particularly love watercolor paints. Dot will ask, "mommy, what should I paint next?" I will give her an idea, and off she runs with it. My recent favorite was when I asked her to do a bunny (we've been on a bit of a Beatrix Potter kick lately), and she came up with this:
She calls it "a bunny dancing in the moonlight." It was partly inspired by all the bunny tracks she can see in the snow every morning now. She must imagine them out partying in the late night hours:)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Baby

Well, our family gained a new baby a little earlier than we expected. Miss Rosie, a 6 month old Jersey calf, has come to live with us--a very sweet and generous gift from Marty's brother. 
She is sweet as pie and beautiful with her big, dark eyes. The hope is to turn her into our milking cow within the next year or two. But for right now we just get to spoil her with love.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cozy Spots.

February days are good for finding cozy spots. Cow and horse in hand, of course.