Monday, October 25, 2010

Helen Keller once said...

something along the lines of: "I long to accomplish great and noble tasks, but my duty is to accomplish humble tasks as if they were noble and great."

I was thinking about this quotation the other day and feeling very much like my life consists of a long string of humble tasks that I try ever-so-hard to feel are noble and great.

However, I then had an "ah-ha!" moment, and a glorious lightbulb shone. My duty is to take care of my family and raise my children in righteousness. What more noble and great tasks could there be? If I am able to accomplish these two things, then I truly will feel that I have lived a life of greatness. So bring on the sinks full of dirty dishes, the sad cries of Dot at 2am, the goat milking, the endless vacuuming-up after a toddler--I'm ready for greatness!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Keeping Busy

We have been BUSY bees this fall,
but it has been a wonderful sort of busy.

This weekend we celebrated the 10 year anniversary
of the dedication of this beautiful building:
We have a lot of sweet memories at the Boston Temple
including our marriage in 2008.
Marty and I were lucky enough to speak at a Youth Devotional
and we loved having the girls on the grounds.
Dorothy was especially enchanted by the Temple.

We also took a family trip to Walden Pond to get some fresh air
(much needed after a sick and rainy week at home).

I love coming to visit Walden.
I'm hoping to make it a fall family tradition.

Dorothy hanging out with Auntie Eva--
my little bohemian child. Not surprising.
Apple picking with Aubrey, Char, and the mini Char.
Finishing up some fruit bars on a warm fall day.
Lots of walks when the weather cooperates.
And can you guess what one of the favorite
forms of entertainment has been at our house?
Who knew pumpkins were so versatile.
1. The Temple
2. Healthy Children
3. No School on Columbus Day!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Weekend

What a busy and marvelous weekend!
We packed up Friday evening and drove to PA
to spend the weekend with my sister, Eva, doing THIS:

87 quarts of applesauce to enjoy until next fall.
We are full of fall fruit goodness.
We are also full spiritually from a wonderful
General Conference.
It was hard to catch everything with the kiddos
and making sure the applesauce got done,
so I look forward to listening to and reading
the talks again.
But it really was a wonderful conference.
I loved all the focus on
following the Prophet,
using our free agency for good,
improving and understanding our own faith,
and being grateful.
Oh, how wonderful to feel so FULL!
1. more food storage
2. inspiring words
3. some cool weather--finally!