Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fit for a buglet

Although I don't think she has seen one in real life,
Dorothy LOVES ladybugs.

So, with the help of my wonderful friend Mary,
we created these little ladies for
the little one's birthday.
Bugs have never tasted so good:)

1. talented friends
2. a relaxing morning
3. waffles for breakfast

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Growing up

Since we moved into our new space,
Dorothy has been hitting all sorts of milestones.
She is seriously thriving in her new environment.
Two weeks ago,
within a day or two of being in her new space,
she began
1) full on walking
2) eating a ridiculous variety of grown-up foods
(including burritos, cod, curry, meatballs, and more)
3) going to sleep on her own with no fussing
4) sleeping through the nights (hallelujah!)
5) entertaining herself with books and toys for longer than 5 minutes

I just cannot believe how grown-up she has become all at once.
I love that she is making some of these changes
before her little sister comes,
but I hope she doesn't grow up too quickly on us.
She did fall asleep in my arms tonight while we were reading scriptures
and I savored every second.
It is really beginning to hit me how short of a time they are babies.

1. living in the moment
2. cameras that help us capture those moments
3. wet baby kisses

Thursday, March 18, 2010

the big ONE.

An entire year.
I can't believe that our little Dot
is turning 1 today!

I can't believe how much she has grown
in just 1 year's time.

We love you, Dorothy!
Happy first birthday!

1. Being a mother
2. every day I get with Dot
3. milestones

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

So nice of you to stop by!

Welcome! Welcome!
Thanks for coming to visit us!

The yard is still nothing but dirt,
but, hey, it's our dirt:)
And a back porch will come in time.
Had to build what we could afford, ya know?
Again, welcome.
Don't let the bright colors scare you.
They'll make you smile--just give them a minute.
And please forgive our mess.
Organizing takes a while.
Do you need to freshen up before we begin the tour?
Alright, then let's head to the music room.
We're still looking for a used piano,
and our keyboard has yet to make it over.
But rest assured that music will flow from this room eventually.
Feel free to browse the books
or rest a spell
as we stop by the living room.
Or if you're feeling hungry,
we can pass through the nook over into the kitchen.
I'll whip something up.
I'll even let you feel all fancy
by letting you sit at the dining room table to eat.
Just don't take Dot's chair.
She gets upset about that.
I think it is about time we head upstairs.
There's a few more things to see.
You sure you don't need the bathroom?
Well, here is another one if you decide you do.
I'll even let you do your laundry free of charge.
Dot's room,
along with all our bedrooms
is still a work in progress.
We still need to do most of the upstairs painting,
and we will buy some more pieces of furniture in time.
But she is happy as a clam with her big windows.
A place to sleep and see her new morning light is all that child needs.
We won't even bother with the nursery or guest room right now.
Not much to see.
Onward to the Master bath/bedroom.
Man, I feel so grown up saying that.
Nothing fancy here.
We'd love some matching side tables and lamps,
but we're working with what we have for the moment.
Hope you enjoyed your tour!
I'm sure we'll keep you posted as we continue to
make this house our home.

Have a delicious day!

1. colors and the ability to see them
2. unpacking things I forgot we had
3. lots of sunshine through the windows

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Perfect Timing

A few weeks ago,
feeling highly discouraged about the house,
I booked a trip to North Carolina to visit my parents.
It just seemed like we kept hitting brick walls.
I was hoping to just get away from the chaos for a while
and let my sweet husband bear that burden for us.

I must say miracles DO happen.
In the 12 days that I have been gone
(we head back tomorrow),
the house is finished!!!
Marty (and many others) have been working non-stop.
Every town official that we needed to sign off on our permit
has made his appearance and done so.
Tomorrow Dot and I will return to our very OWN HOME!

We are feeling more than blessed.
Our hearts are full.

1. a miracle for our family
2. kicks to the ribs from Lucy
3. incredible parents