Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day off.

I think I have to claim today as a "day off" from our regular schedule. 

First off, when Grandma Vieira offered to take the girls for lunch and an afternoon craft I dropped them right off and set out for errands with my boy. We did a few little things, and then realizing my poor timing (because of my rumbly tummy) I made a decision that we would break our typical rule and go out to eat. Luckily, Ezra is not too picky and gladly joined me for an Indian food buffet. How is it that almost all food you do not have to make by yourself when you are pregnant becomes heavenly? There were several plates of spicy, saucy goodness that entered this belly.

After we retrieved the ladies, I was too lazy to try putting Ezra down for a nap. Instead we all ended up on the couch with a huge pile of library books. I just hoped he would pass out. Instead, several books in the afternoon sunshine was directly on us. I took the opportunity to stretch out in cat-like fashion and just bask for a good half hour. Yes, there was poking, eye-lid lifting, and corner of book jabbing, but I just ignored it. They all found something else to do eventually.

When it came time for dinner, I still felt little drive. I pulled chips, salsa, yogurt, and granola out of the fridge and pantry and called it better than nothing. To my surprise, no one complained. Bellies still were filled, and now we're all on the verge of dreamland.  

I'm starting to think a day off here or there should become more of a regular thing.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Our life feels crazy these days. Marty is busier than he has ever been in our marriage ( lots of mommy--munchkin and solo bedtimes); I'm in the middle of morning sickness, nine weeks pregnant with baby number 4 (surprise!!); and on top of Marty being the Young Men's president at church, I was called in as a counselor in the Young Women's presidency (hello major time-sucking callings!). However, with all that is going on, I can honestly sit back and say that we are happy. Life is full of joyful moments, and I am grateful to count those blessings each day. 

I love that we still manage dinner together as a family 99% of the time . I love that we are learning to seize moments for fun--like a random movie (candy included) yesterday afternoon during a rainstorm. I love that when things get crazy we all seem to come together in a beautiful way that ensures things will still get done.

Yes. I am happy. Bags under my eyes, urpy-tummied, blessed-beyond-measure Happy. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Happy New Year!

We are slowly getting back into the regular routine after a wonderful few weeks of celebrating and hosting family. 

The new year has also brought a dose of the bitter cold that has been settling in across the country. And that means we've been settling in to more indoor activities. 

The girls (Dorothy, mostly) have decided that dressing Ezzy up as a little princess makes for a wonderful morning:
He is happy to play along, so long as he can still ride his horse and play with his dinosaurs.

The girls and I like to spend our afternoons doing non-Ezra compatible activities. We recently painted bird houses, and it was so fun to watch their beautiful faces concentrate.

I am happy to think the weather is supposed to warm in the next few days. We'll enjoy the fresh air once again. But a few days cooped up is good for the soul in it's own way.