Sunday, September 27, 2009


While we have internet and before the laptop dies, I wanted to throw up a few new pictures of the family. Yes, my face is missing. When I'm a little less of a pukey-face, I'll be back in em.

Enjoy! The beginning of fall and Dot at 6 months:

1. knowing morning sickness ends
2. plastic baggies
3. my ever-growing family

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I was going to wait to tell you all...

But who likes waiting?

So, here you go, folks. The big secret: We're pregnant with #2!

No joke. It is a little sooner than we were expecting, but hey, we're excited and know that everything will work out!

So now you know why I have so little drive to blog lately. The morning sickness is taking over again, but at least I was a little more prepared for it this time. It also really helps to have Dorothy around to keep me focused on something else.

Speaking of Dorothy, she turned 6 months yesterday! Half of a stinkin' year! Crazy. It sounds so big to me right now, but then I think about this little sibling showing up and realize how small they will both be. If my calculations are correct, baby #2 will be here around the end of April--roughly 13-14 months apart from Dorothy. One of the challenges I am thinking of right off the bat is Sundays. Two little ones too young for nursery. Hmm. I am so happy that there are plenty of ladies with free hands who will be willing to help.

But, I shouldn't get ahead of myself. Right now we are just trying to stay focused on having a healthy second pregnancy and getting another healhty little one into our family.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

in process

Well, our blueprints are being ordered for the house. We're looking at a February move-in time. We are finally settled in our new place, so things are coming together!

Dorothy continues to be more wonderful every day. She has mastered rolling and uses it as her main way to get around these days. She has moved on to sweet potatoes as a new solid food and loves them (who wouldn't?). I'm always amazed at what a trooper she is while I cart her around for errands and meetings and appointments. How blessed we are to have such an incredible daughter.

Marty started back to school this week. We feel so blessed that he still has his teaching position, and it will be exciting to see how his new group of students are. Last fall was hard for me, just being home and not going back to school. This fall has been much easier. I love being home with Dot, and I made a trip to my college campus with her and my mom to fulfill my craving for school in the fall. Now I'm ready to hunker down with my sweaters, books, warm beverages, and family as the fall begins.

1. library books
2. weekends with the hubby home
3. dinner out every now and then