Monday, November 30, 2009

The Rest of November

Well, here we are. The last day of the month. And what a month it has been! I am so grateful that with as crazy as things get sometimes, we still make time to laugh and enjoy time together as a family. I love Dorothy's hair and the look on her face in this shot. Dorothy's new favorite thing to do is point. She loves to wake up in the morning and point at the window with the new light coming in. She points to people she knows and new people she meets. She points at the ceramic animals her grandma has in her living room. It is just adorable. Here she is pointing at her daddy.
We were able to make a weekend getaway to Pennsylvania in the middle of the month. Look at this face! She was so excited to have big cousins to play with her and plenty of room to crawl around without getting hurt.
Dorothy has also been eating more solid foods this month. Her new favorite thing is her Auntie Eva's homemade applesauce. Being the wonderful auntie that she is, she sent us home with an entire jar for the Dot to enjoy.
And on the house front, things are still moving along. The foundation is done, sealed, and has actually been backfilled. This picture is missing the final step. The house delivery date is officially December 14th! We are almost to the next phase!
Thanksgiving was a little bit stressful this year. Dorothy came down with a flu bug at the beginning of the week and ran a fever up until the afternoon of Thanksgiving. Because we are living here and all her little cousins were around, we pretty much had to quarantine ourselves down in the basement. But it was still nice to have the family around. We ate more than we should have and watched lots of fun movies while Dorothy recovered. Luckily we're just down to a cough and hoarse voice left on her sickness.

Whew! I am so excited to begin a new month. This month will be another busy one, full of holiday parties, a wedding, my brother coming home from his mission, and another trip to Pennsylvania for Christmas. Bring it, December! We're ready!

1. quiet after a crazy weekend
2. healthy kids
3. muppet Christmas carol

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


der Hole.
der Footings.

If all goes well,
foundation walls go in tomorrow!

1. progress
2. green machine juice
3. days off from work (thanks to our Vets!)

Monday, November 2, 2009

3 in a row...again:)

I think we all remember when this lovely lady
came into the world on March 18th, 2009.
11 Days later, cousin Zoey joined in the Vieira family fun.

And just a few more weeks after that, cousin Joey arrived.

It was one marathon year of babies.


We just found out that next year after we have our
2nd baby, around May 6th,
Zoey will be getting a sibling 3 weeks later.
About 2 weeks after that, Joey will also be a big brother.

Can you believe it?

It will be quite the parade of babies AGAIN next year.
Nothing like new little ones in the spring time!
1. babies--and lots of them
2. visits from family
3. surprise announcements over Sunday dinner