Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Annie turns 1.

Oh, my sweet baby girl. What a perfect addition you have been to our family. You bring out the best in everyone.
At the crack of dawn, all the kiddies were up to celebrate--and the gift giving began! The big girls had been squirreling away old toys they thought Annie would enjoy, and they periodically presented her with various stuffed animals and such throughout the day.
In the evening, Linda, Lou, and Sarah came bearing pizza and rice crispy treats. We supplied the party hats and bubbly, and the party began!
Linda had made a little heart-shaped individual treat for Annie. Perfect.
It was a sticky, sweet, relaxed evening. Just like our baby. We love you, Annie girl!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Never gets old.

I will have about a million pictures like this before my kids are grown:
That sweet moment when they are finally peacefully sleeping and the house quiets down. It never gets old.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Building our time away.

During these long, hot summer days, I tend to have the kids do indoor activities from about 11:30-2:30. It keeps us out of the hottest part of the day and mixes up the activities a bit. One of my favorite things about this time is the creativity. Sometimes they spend hours with paper and various art supplies. However, lately they have been doing more Legos and mosaics.
I love seeing their little minds in motion. It makes me want to get creative too!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Count down!

We are running out of summer days here! Marty leaves for Japan in 4 days. I start school with the children in 3 weeks. We need to pack in as much adventure and laziness as possible in that span of time.

We did make sure to get out as a family last week on Marty's last free summer day. It was perfect. Breakfast and the beach. 

We finished the day with a spur of the moment smore's roast and camp out in the back yard.
It may be a bit early to proclaim it, but I think summer 2015 has been a sweet success!