Tuesday, March 31, 2015


As we have started our homeschooling journey, it has opened up a new community of fellow homeschoolers. Most of these friends are people I have never met in person; we email here and there and share ideas. These interactions have kept me motivated and ready to keep up with all the demands of this choice for education. But a few weeks ago, we had such a treat! One of the ladies I have spent the most time emailing with--Meagan--and her sweet family were able to come and visit with us here at our home!

It's funny how we came to be friends. I actually dated Meagan's husband for a short bit right after I turned 16. But he went on his mission, and I went on to my hooligan years. A few years later, I remember hearing him gush over the incredible woman he had met out at school. They went on to get married, and I eventually went on to meet my own incredible husband. While we were both fairly newly weds I stumbled upon their blog page. We've watched each others children grow, and as we both reached school-age years I could tell we were heading toward the same choice of homeschooling. After getting in contact with her, we started emailing in a group of homeschooling moms and have been doing so for a few years now. Beyond our emails, Meagan set up for our girls to become pen pals. So even our children had started a friendship and knew of each other.

A few weeks ago I got an email. A funeral for a family member was bringing their family here to Massachusetts. Since we were going to be in the same state (instead of 3000 miles away), Meagan asked if we had any time free to get together. I am so glad that we did! We had such a fun evening letting the kids all play together and getting to visit in person. I am a goober and took no pictures--I was having too much fun visiting--but it was a great evening!

Even though it was freezing, the kids all ventured outside to meet the animals. We eventually found them all INSIDE the filthy chicken coop. Ooops! We then shuffled them in where they switched gears to playing fairy and all sorts of other imaginative games. They pretty much kept themselves entertained while we talked about life. We covered our goals, dreams, challenges, and joys. We also had fun talking about our pasts. The time went too quickly, and I found myself so glad we had had the time to visit and sad that it can't happen more regularly.

I'm grateful for friends, new and old, in person and through technology. This world is just full of wonderful people.

Friday, March 27, 2015

They never listen.

Somehow, despite my near daily request for them to STOP growing up!, these two managed to sneak in birthdays:

Our 3 year old boy!

Our 6 year old girl!

Now STOP! That is all the growing up my heart can take right now:)

Thursday, March 26, 2015


I do love getting out the sweaters, scarves, hats and other cold-weather goodies when the time is right in the fall. However, I don't know if any excitement can surpass when it gets warm enough for us to bury them back in the basement in the spring--and I think these kids agree!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Simple Things

I love the simple things in life. I found these two giggling together in a patch of sunlight the other day, and it made my heart happy. Children seem to inherently know how good the simple things are in life. They are my teachers and reminders each day.

Some of the little things bringing me joy these days:

1) hanging the laundry on the clothesline!! I love the slow peaceful process while the baby rests on my back and the big ones run around in the fresh air. I love the lingering smell of sunshine in the cotton.

2) The first bike ride of the season! 

3) time with family. And the memories created.

4) the Temple. Even if only on the grounds for a few minutes in the freezing cold!--I still feel the power of the covenants I have made in this Holy House of the Lord.

5) babies. Annie still feels so fresh from Heaven, and her eyes still shine with the brightness of a place beyond this world. All I have to do is look at my littlest one to refocus when the days get crazy. 

I could go on and on. I feel so blessed for the life I have been given--and so terribly unworthy. This simple, sweet life is all that I need and more than I deserve.

Friday, March 13, 2015

We made it!

Although we are still a week away from the actual start of spring, this week filled us with hope that it actually will come! A few warm days melted the piles of snow down to reasonable mounds and cleared out drive and walkways of the thick ice layer they had become. On the warmest day, I decided to help hasten spring by actually shoveling off patches of grass from under our clothesline and around the house. I kept thinking, "people watching me must think I am crazy!" But then I figured we're all a little batty after being buried in snow for months and went on with my work. Oh, does it feel good to look out the window and see greenish-brownish spots instead of simply blinding white. 

That sunshine. It heals. 50 degrees has never felt so good!