Sunday, July 28, 2013

A good day.

Today was a good day. I awoke to the lovely sight of a 7 as the first number on our bedroom clock. After rolling out of bed, I watched Marty finish putting on his tie and shoes. His blue eyes were sparkling. He flashed me his sweet smile (with that gap between his front teeth that makes me swoon), and sent me out to feed the animals with a kiss while he headed off to early morning meetings.

I was antsy during the beginning of Sacrament meeting while everyone around me sat whispering their thoughts on why two members of the Stake Presidency were visiting our ward unannounced. I knew why. I just couldn't say yet. I let out a sigh of relief as they released my husband from his calling as first counselor to the Bishop, asked him to bear his testimony, and sent him down to sit with us on our pew. He kissed me again, and it felt good to have him there to help me make it through the meeting with our three munchkins. I know he has loved serving all different people of the ward, but I know he will be excellent in his new (yet to be revealed) calling. We have spent at least half of our marriage with him on the stand, so this season of our lives will be a treat! I love sitting next to him.

I stayed after for a meeting with the Young Women's leaders. After some yummy lunch and good discussion with good ladies, I headed home to my babies. They smothered me with kisses, hugs, and things they wanted to tell me. Then we all took to our peaceful Sunday afternoon activities: the baby playing in the playroom; Marty and the girls finishing Prince of Egypt on our bed; me quietly keeping an eye on everyone, pondering. I walked down to check on the baby boy who just happened to be naked from the waist down letting his slightly rashy buns air out. He proceeded to walk over to me and hand me a nice lump of poo. Oh, how I love that boy. I laughed pretty hard at that one. Lots of hand washing commenced.

When the movie was done, we finished up the night with our Sunday tradition of popcorn and smoothies. Jammies, tooth-brushing, books, and prayers followed. Laying in the dark, I then got to listen to Lucy snoring, Ezra nursing, and Dorothy telling me stories about dragons before she drifted off to sleep. How very grateful I am for this good day.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's a family thing.

 This whole pony/horse ridin' business goes waaaaay back on the Vieira side. 
Here is grandpa Vieira as a boy with his horse.
 And here is my sweet Marty on his pony
and a few years later riding his horse, Apache.

 And the third generation of riders:
our Polka, Goose, and Baby Boy.
I know there were even more animals and riders further back, 
but these are the ones we have documented in photos. 

Family Traditions Rock.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Oh, boy.

 I didn't know what to expect in a baby boy toddler. 
After the two girls, I figured it wouldn't be THAT different. 
But I am starting to understand just how boy-ish little boys can be.
 I love that my son prefers rocks to anything else. 
I love that he screams "bahpwah!" or "dada!" when he sees his grandpa or daddy working outside and then finds his shoes to chuck at me until I let him join them. 
I love that he sweats and smells like a stinky little puppy when he has been playing hard. 
I love that when his sisters are frolicking around the yard singing and gathering flowers, my sweet baby boy is busy covering himself in dirt and inspecting the car tires.
The only thing I lament is that little boys have to grow up.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sunset and other farm stuffs.

 We recently added a pony to our little farm. Dorothy recently read a book that had a horse named "Sunset." She decided that would be the prefect name for our pony, so "Sunset" she became. She is beautiful: a deep honey-brown color with blond mane and tail. Every day we love her a little more.
 Of course Buttercup is still our baby, and Lucy loves on that goat to no end. We have watched her grow from a tiny kid.
 Here are the beautiful farmer girls. Happy as clams out there in the barn.
And here is my little farmer boy. Grandpa taught him how to get a drink from the hose while you are watering. Farm life is good to us.

Monday, July 15, 2013

late date.

My Goose could not sleep tonight. I'm sure the random, heat-induced, 3 hour nap she took this afternoon did not help. What's a mama to do? But secretly, I love when just one of my babies stays up late with me. I love the chance to focus on them and only them. She and I spent about an hour looking at her baby pictures and old home movies, all the while she was snuggled up on my shoulder. Finally, she asked me to sing her a song and carry her to bed like a baby. I was all too happy to oblige. These years sure are sweet.