Friday, February 26, 2016

Ezra turns 4

The girls were such a big help making another special birthday--this time for Ezra. They made signs and gifts and even played "pirates" much longer than usual. We love our now 4 year old boy!!
Dorothy being a good sport and letting Ezra win every pirate attack.
Cinnamon rolls and bacon. Breakfast of 4 year old champions.
At breakfast, Ezra informed me that he does not like cake and only wanted a bowl of ice cream that night. I was happy to cut a few hours of kitchen work out of my day. He was happy to eat plain vanilla ice cream. Win-win.
Tuckered out and snuggled up. I'm glad that he's not too old to love on his baby sister at the age of 4. I will never get tired of these snuggle pictures!

Oh, we sure love this boy of ours. I'm grateful every day to be his mama.

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